Quality and Certificate

All control stations are equipped with the necessary devices for production monitoring on the machine (caliper, micrometer, comparator, end measuring rods, plug and threaded gauges)
Our air-conditioned metrology room features, between others, an optical measuring microscope, a surface roughness meter  and an image measuring system (Keyence).

Concerned about our environment, all our machined parts are de-oiled in a company certified to ISO 14001 standards, using specific pallets to fit our needs.
Our fully automated swarf treatment system allows the evacuation and recycling of completely de-oiled chips. The oil is then filtered and reused.
All petroleum-based products are cautionly stored on the shop floor and rigorously used.

Design and design management of technical drawings is assured with a CAD software.
A highly personalized ERP with integrated CAPM allows to manage across the organization.