Citizen M532 LFV

12 axis ; LFV (Low Frequency Vibration) ; B-axis ; Grapple

So many new possibilities that will allow us, with this new CNC lathe, to enter new markets and produce highly technical parts.

The gang tool post has been equipped with a type VIII B-axis (4+4) spindle for contouring by use of five-axis control. The back tool post has been equipped with adjustable-angle type VII and VIII spindles to enable complex machining in combination with the Y axis. Improved back machining allows a higher degree of freedom in choosing the machining process. A 5.5/7.5 kW high-output spindle motor has been adopted for front and back spindles. You can also switch between guide-bush and non-guide-bush and there is also an option for a 38-mm oversize specifications.

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